Monday, August 21, 2006

Encouragement Series: Greatness

Have you ever wondered what makes some people great and others just average? I know I have, and after countless books, tapes, and interviews I've discovered that what separates "those who do" from "those who don't" is something very simple and often overlooked - faith!

We've talked about the importance of vision and determination. Both qualities are prerequisites for making your dreams come true. But, if there's no "faith" you won't reach your goals. That's what made the great great - they believed that they could reach their goals no matter what came against them. And that is a simple definition of faith!

Faith is a creative force and when you truly believe, not with your head but with your heart, then something marvelous happens. It's not scientific or quantitative, but it's real! When you believe that the dreams God has planted in your heart will come true, things around you start to change. All of a sudden opportunities begin to appear, people begin to help you, and you find yourself enjoying favor with people you never thought possible. Why? Because your faith is creating the opportunities, drawing the people and resources you need, and breaking down the barriers that you never thought would move.

I want to encourage you this month to take a few moments, get alone, pray, and begin to build your faith for the dreams and desires of your heart. Faith is a force just like gravity, and if you will believe with your heart and let it flow from inside of you, you'll find that nothing and I mean NOTHING is impossible to him (or her) who believes.

(A note about this image)
This picture was created during a Chicago Bulls basketball game. It was a blessing as I was able to take my Mom to a professional basketball game for the first time in her life. We sat in a VIP box with the "red carpet" treatment and during a break I captured this image with my old Samsung 35mm point and shoot camera.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I finally made it!

Well, it finally happened - after months and months of submitting my very best work I finally have an image featured in the Nikon/ "Stunning" gallery. Whew, these guys were tough. They rejected images that I've been told should be sold and/or displayed in art galleries. But, by God's grace and favor I broke through! Unfortunately, they don't notify you to tell you that your image was selected so I didn't capture it in the large "featured" area of the gallery - but I'm there! If you really want to see some truly cool stuff from the community (the largest online photography community in the world) check out Nikon's Stunning Gallery. And, you can view my winning entry *here*. Be blessed, keep dreaming and never, never give up!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keep the dream alive!

Have you ever heard the line "A funny thing happened on the way to the Airport?" Well, a funny thing happened to me while looking at this home.

While taking this picture the builder literally "rolled up" on me like he was the police (big-bad Suburban driving really fast right at me). However, once he discovered that I was admiring the home he "chilled out" and was actually a very nice man. This home is for sale and it sits on just under an acre of land with a private pond and fountain. It is over 9,000 sq. feet, brand new, and all custom.

I shared all of that to say that we are truly blessed that we can live in homes like this. Even if this isn't your "cup of tea" there is a dream that keeps burning deep down inside of you that won't go away. My prayer is that this picture sparks a new burning desire to make that passion - that dream - that dream of YOURS come true! Be blessed and never stop dreaming!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A remarkable woman of God

Whew! What a week this past week has been. It's all a "blur" but I thank God that He brought me through it yet again! I just wanted to share with you the impact a wonderful women of God had on me during a brief photo opportunity.

This is Vickie Yohe, and if you've never heard of her before trust me - you will! She is an awesome, and I mean awesome artist who sings, writes and produces. Her voice is truly a gift from God and whatever she sings will minister to your heart, soul, and spirit. And on top of all of that she also teaches and ministers the Word. What a woman!

Despite all of the fanfare, popularity, success and fame she has been enjoying lately she is still just as kind, sweet, considerate, generous and loving as when I first met her close to 10 years ago. Vickie has not changed at all and her generosity and care for people just "floors" me. She is the "real" deal and I'm so happy to see all of the wonderful things God is doing in her life. It's just great to see good things happen to good people and Vickie Yohe is one of the best!

To learn more about Vickie Yohe Ministries or her music visit her website at

Monday, August 07, 2006

It Happened Again...

Well, I have been blessed again to have one of my images featured on Awesome Photographs. I didn't think it would happen again, never mind happening so fast, but one of my portraits were choosen and I am so happy. This site is growing so fast and continues to feature great work that it won't be long before they create a coffee table book or something. Check out the site and I thank God for giving me favor and blessing the works of my hands. Be blessed and keep dreaming!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Shenita and Mark's Wedding

It's finally complete and I am soo excited to announce that Shenita and Mark's wedding slideshow is available for the couple to enjoy. So, please enjoy the slideshow and I look forward to hearing back from soon! Be blessed and keep shooting!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Introducing the new logo for Samuel Barr Photography!

Well, it finally happened - I have a new logo! This has been an ongoing exercise for several months and I've gone through at least 100 fonts and so many different designs and shapes that I've lost count. But, what is so ironic is that in the end I ended up designing it myself. I have to give special thanks to Jerrold Daniels, CEO of the Daniels Design Group, for helping me. He would suggest, recommend, and share but insisted that I could do it and that I should do it. I really appreciate him believing in my creative gifts at a time when I didn't believe in them myself. I'll share more as to why I went in this direction but for now just wanted to share this important business milestone with you. Until we chat again, be blessed and keep shooting!