Thursday, July 13, 2006

Encouragement Series: Perception

Have you ever heard the saying "Things are not always as they appear?" That maybe one of the most profound truths known to man. Yes, that statement is just that powerful.

Often in life we look at people, things, and situations from one perspective - the surface. But, just like a tree or an iceberg the majority of what you see lies beneath the surface. The same holds true for relationships, dissappointments and opportunities - there is always more than meets they eye! The answer that you seek is often hidden in the problem. But, you will NEVER see it if you only view things from one perspective.

So, for the month of July I want to encourage you to begin to look at every challenge or opportunity from more than one point of view. If something "presents" itself take a few moments, even days if necessary, and medidate, pray, look it over, come at it from another angle, then come at it again from yet another angle, and pray and medidate some more. If you try you will discover that things are not as they always appear, and the answer and/or miracle you've been seeking is standing right beside you - it's all a matter of perception!


Blogger Jillian Kay said...

thanks for the encouragement!

10:27 PM  
Blogger SamTheMan said...

Thank you Jillian, I'm really glad that it spoke to you! Be blessed and keep shooting!

7:38 AM  

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