Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do you believe dreams do come true?

I know that sounds like a cliche' but do you really believe dreams can come true? To be perfectly honest, sometimes I have my doubts. And whenever I feel like giving up I "run" across a story like Anna's.

They told her that she couldn't sing and that the best she could hope for was the chorus. Her own voice teacher told her that her voice was just average. But, she didn't let that stop her and at the young age of 16 she moved from her small town in Russia to St. Petersburg to become a singer.

She enrolled in the Conservatory of Music and took a job washing floors at the legendary Mariinsky Theater so that she could enjoy the music at night. And as fate would have it one day she had an opportunity to audition for the Musical Director and as the saying goes, "the rest is history." As we used to say down south, "this girl doesn't sing, she sangs!"

But, she didn't stop there. Being true to who she really was she decided to create music videos for Opera (something never done before) and pose for fashion magazines. I can hear opera fans all over the world screaming blasphemy. Right? Wrong.

Her CDs are some of the most popular and best-selling classical CDs in the world. She even takes the number one spot on several pop charts in Europe over Beyonce' and Brittany Spears. And guess who's one of her favorite musical artist? Luciano Pavarotti or Placido Domingo? Try Justin Timberlake.

But her Diva-ness doesn't stop at fashion magazines and music videos. Being the rebel that she is she doesn't have an entourage' or a limo and frequently just walks around both San Francisco and Russia like a regular person.

Because I was classically-trained as a Baritone back in High School I have a "soft" spot for classical music. And the fact that Anna is drop-dead gorgeous has absolutely nothing to do with my admiration of her work ;-)

So, do you believe dreams do come true? God is no respecter of person and if He did it for Anna, He will do it for you and me! If you need a little motivational boost check out the short videos below. Remember, nothing can stop you but you.

Have a great day and never stop dreaming!

Anna Netrebko on CBS's 60 Minutes - Part 1

Anna Netrebko on CBS's 60 Minutes - Part 2

As an added bonus here's Anna singing Puccini's Quando Me'n Vo La Boheme.


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