Thursday, August 17, 2006

Keep the dream alive!

Have you ever heard the line "A funny thing happened on the way to the Airport?" Well, a funny thing happened to me while looking at this home.

While taking this picture the builder literally "rolled up" on me like he was the police (big-bad Suburban driving really fast right at me). However, once he discovered that I was admiring the home he "chilled out" and was actually a very nice man. This home is for sale and it sits on just under an acre of land with a private pond and fountain. It is over 9,000 sq. feet, brand new, and all custom.

I shared all of that to say that we are truly blessed that we can live in homes like this. Even if this isn't your "cup of tea" there is a dream that keeps burning deep down inside of you that won't go away. My prayer is that this picture sparks a new burning desire to make that passion - that dream - that dream of YOURS come true! Be blessed and never stop dreaming!


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