Thursday, May 11, 2006

Encouragement Series: Determination

Have you ever found yourself wondering if your hopes and dreams would really come true? I have and on more occasions than I care to mention. And, I'm not alone.

Whenever I read an autobiography of one of the famous people I admire, I discover that they too had to work through periods of doubt and unbelief. And, what kept them moving forward was vision and determination. We'll deal with vision next month, but for now let's talk about determination.

Now, I want you to hear me as if I was preaching from the Gospels - your dreams WILL COME TRUE but you're going to have to p.u.s.h (pray until something happens) and push and push and push some more! Make up your mind that your dreams are worth living for. I don't care if you have go around an obstacle, under it, or through it - but starting today you WILL NOT QUIT no matter what!

If you really want it, "it" can be yours if you're determined to not to let anything or anyone stand in your way.


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