Monday, April 10, 2006

Another photographer I admire...

Let me begin this post by saying "it's all his fault" - I'll explain in a moment. This has been the most difficult blog for me to write - not because I didn't know what to say but because I couldn't choose just one image that represented my favorite. Scott has over 1,000 images featured on his website and 90% of them are my favorite.

I discovered Scott's website by accident as I was researching a software application and his site was listed in the example gallery for this particular application. Didn't know much about him and out of curiosity I clicked on the link and can honestly say that my creative life has never been the same!

As you know, I use to be into photography in high school (that was eons ago) and had settled for simply shooting snapshots with a point and shoot camera. But, when I saw the images Scott was creating I was blown away! I had never seen anything like his photos and for the next several days I combed through every image on his site. I even shared his site with our top graphic designer to try and discover how to create images like his. And, after almost 20 years of snapshots I decided to purchase a camera and revisit photography all because I saw the work of Scott Robert.

I could list endless superlatives to describe the talent, insight, creativity and vision of Scott Robert Photography. Instead, let me simply say that he is one of those rare visual artist who sees the world around him in a way that only comes along once in a generation.

But, don't take my word for it - visit his website and experience for yourself a new level of creative expression and visual art that will change the way you see the world around you. It is an honor to introduce you to the work of Mr. Scott Robert of Scott Robert Photography.


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