Monday, April 10, 2006

I just love black & white images - I can't help myself!

With everything that has been going on at the job, I still found time to capture life on film. And, the more photos I capture the more I find myself creating black and white images.

Although the photography industry is all digital these days, there is still something special about shooting film and creating black and white photos.

I encourage you to explore the realm of black and white photography. You don't have to shoot black and white film (although there's nothing like the images produced by Ilford) to create visually-stunning black and white photographs.

Take some time to intentionally shot different compositions that will be converted into black and white photos. I promise that if you do your creativity will be expanded, and you will walk away from this exercise with a new sense of visual expression.

Be blessed and always remember - God gave you an imagination so that you could see things that don't currently exist, but could exist if you created them.


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