Sunday, February 12, 2006

One of the photographers I admire...

Whenever I prepare for a shoot I revisit the work of photographers who's work inspires me. Not to "copy" their work, but to seriously ask myself "why do I like these images?" And most of the time I can articulate what it is about a particular image that caught my eye. However, there are times when the only thing I can say is that the image just "touched" me.

One of the photographers who's images always seem to "touch" me are Sarah Barlow's of Sarah Anne Photography. Sarah is one of those visual artists who has a keen ability to capture the emotion and heart "tugs" of a scene. I haven't quite figured it out other than Sarah is anointed, and that anointing is visually present in her work.

Her images are full of heart, light, beauty, energy, life - God! I know that's heavy stuff, but her images have the same presence and "light" that Thomas Kinkade's paintings have. Again, I know that's heavy but Sarah's work has a "light" that shines far beyond the lighting of each scene.

If you don't believe me, check out her work for yourself. May I have the honor of introducing you to the work of Ms. Sarah Barlow of Sarah Anne Photography!


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