Saturday, July 05, 2008

I must be losing my mind!

Yes, I wasn't thinking.

I went to see Will Smith's new movie Hancock at my local 30+ megaplex. What in the world was I thinking? School is out; it is the weekend; it is the July 4th Holiday weekend; and I went to a see a Will Smith movie during its opening weekend. Will's July 4th holiday movie openings have been some of the largest grossing holiday movie openings of all time.

To top that off, I decided to get some movie popcorn and a drink. The smallest combo they had was $11.00. You gotta be kiddin' me? You see, I never buy snacks at the movies so I was surprised at the prices. To keep from consuming all of the sugar and syrup in the soda I asked for water. $11.00 bucks for a small popcorn? I must be losing my mind...

If you haven't heard about "Hancock" check this out!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sam! Is this the Barrington Theater? I love that theater! Mostly the fact that it has late shows. Nobody around plays movies at midnight. I wish I could take advantage of it more than I do, but I live so far from there, which makes it more special when I DO go!

It's ridiculous what theaters charge for pop and candy. I always sneak my snickers bar or kitkat in. Usually I don't bother with a drink, it's too obvious. BUT, there have been times when I carried my grande Starbucks Americano right past the ticket counter and the ticket tearing guy, and nobody said a word. Even more than the price of concession, is what they carry! Why can't they just have regular size candy bars? They have all this specialty crap, and it doesn't usually taste as good as the real thing. They're these little broken up, individually wrapped crap. I'd pay $2 for a snickers bar. But honestly, they rarely have anything I want, anyway! Goobers are good, though, and twizzlers. Haha

I hear theaters don't make any money on the ticket itself, and makes all their money on concession. It makes sense, I guess.

Have you ever been to the Landmark Oriental theater in Milwaukee? That's my favorite. It only houses 3 theaters, and looks like it sounds. GORGEOUS place!! They play a lot of foreign and independent films, which end up being much better than the ones we find in our mainstream theaters, in my opinion, anyway. Last night we saw one called "The Children of Huang Shi". GREAT movie! It's a true story. All 3 of us thought it was the best movie we've seen yet this year.

Wow, I really rambled in this post! I guess you found a passion of mine!

6:30 PM  
Blogger SamTheMan said...

LOL - it's all good Josh, thanks for sharing! Yes, that's the Barrington AMC 30 - you've got a great eye there my man!

I haven't been to the Landmark Oriental theater in Milwaukee but will definitely check it out. I haven't made the final plans yet but I plan to spend a weekend in Milwaukee, just to get away and take a few photos. I'll keep you posted, it would be cool if we could do lunch and snap a few shots.

How was your weekend?

7:36 PM  

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