Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What a special dude!

Well, first let me thank you all for your prayers and support. However, I placed 2nd to a close friend and terrific tennis player. His name is Florian and not only is he an exceptional athlete and tennis player, but he is also an exceptional person and a great friend.

I have never beaten Florian before (me and everyone else for that matter) despite years of trying. But, I have learned so much from him about tennis, being a great competitor, and being a man of honor. Even under difficult circumstances, regardless of how the other players behave, he is always a gentleman and always competes with honor and integrity. In fact, he is so encouraging that even when we're competing against one another, when I play well he cheers me on. Despite my gentle heart and kind manners I am very competitive. And yet, I always feel encouraged, even in defeat, when playing against him.

All I can say is that he is one of those people who "to know is to love." And, I thank God that he has allowed our paths to cross. CONGRATULATIONS Florian, and I love you dude!


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