Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The General is in the house!

His name is synonymous with leadership, courage, fortitude, bravery, accomplishment and respect. Who am I referring to? The one and only General Colin Powell, former United States Secretary of State. General Powell was the keynote speaker at the recent GET MOTIVATED Business Seminar and he was phenomenal! He is one of the few people that garners the respect and admiration of political friends and foes alike.

What was so surprising about General Powell was that he was very charming and "down to earth" as he laughed and joked and really let his personality shine through during his presentation. And, being a former military man myself, I have never met a General who could even come close to being described as "charming." But, after hearing him speak for myself one thing is clear - this isn't the end of General Powell's public life, just another chapter. And do you want to know something? That's probably a good thing. Be blessed and keep shooting!


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