Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Photographing Children

As you can tell by my portfolio I love shooting little children. There's something very special about a child's curiosity, lack of fear, and wonder for the world around them. Maybe it's the part of me that longs to be a child again (although my friend's always tell me that I'm just a big kid) but I believe children are a gift from God. And, nothing is more rewarding as a parent and as an adult child than to reminiscence through old photos of your childhood. And, the spring and summer seasons are great for capturing the natural joy of children playing. If you haven't invested in capturing those special moments with your bundle of joy, call me today to book a photo session. I promise you that it will be a great time as your child won't be the only child laughing and playing in the dirt. Be blessed and have a great day!


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