Monday, April 09, 2007

The Wonders of Nature

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and just "smell the flowers?" In our hectic "gotta have it yesterday why are you moving so slow" world we often miss appreciating all of the beauty that surrounds us everyday. I've had to do a real "gut" check and make some major changes in my life as I was getting caught-up in the "hussle and bussle" of daily life. It wasn't easy as it meant saying goodbye to some old friends and relationships, but I am soo glad that I did.

I don't believe God created us to do nothing but work ourselves to death and then die. No! He created this entire world for us to rule, manage and enjoy. And, if you will just take a few minutes to stop and look around, you will discover that everything God created is beautiful in its own way. In fact, I'm finding that the more I stop to "smell the roses" the more the roses minister to my soul. I don't know if I'm getting this across "just right" but I've learned that God's love for us is soo great that He even made the plants, animals, sky, sun, wind - all of His creation - to bless us just by looking at it.

Yesterday was "Resurrection Sunday" as we celebrated the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Make a point this week to take a moment to stop, reflex, rest, pray and observe all of God's creation around you. If you do, you will soon find that God will start resurrecting many of the dreams, hopes and aspirations that were lost due to the busyness of life. Just a few thoughts that I hope will bless you. Enjoy your life, it is the only one you have!


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