Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Can you see it?

Do you really believe in your dreams? Be honest, do you believe that the desires of your heart can come true? Many times the "dream" seems so far off that it often becomes blurry and eventually faint. And, if we're not careful we will eventually give up because we simply can't see it happening anymore.

But, your dreams don't have to die because you can't see them anymore. I heard Zig Ziglar say, " can't hit a target that you don't have." That moment was an "eye opener" for me because it speaks to the core of how we are created. We have to "see" our goals in our hearts before they become reality in our lives. For example, if you want to lose weight you have to "see" yourself in the type of shape you desire. You've got to "see" it to believe it, and once you believe it then you can achieve it.

Vision is crucial to making your dreams come true. If your dreams are becoming blurred and you feel like it is never going to happen I have good news for you - get a picture of what you desire and keep it before you at all times. Put a picture of what you want and hang it on your bathroom mirror. If it's a car you desire, get a picture of it and put it on your desk at work so that you have to see it while you work. If your goal is to buy a home, then get a picture of the type of house you want and put it on your computer as wallpaper. You've heard the saying that a "picture is worth a thousand words." Well, it's true and you need pictures of your dreams to help you make them a reality. So, I ask you again - can you see it?

(One of my desires is to have some of my images displayed in an art gallery. And, these images are examples of my pictures hanging in various galleries. I carry these around with me on my laptop and look at them throughout the day. This will happen one day because I can see it happening now though these vision "prompts.")


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