Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beyond The Sea

Happy Tuesday! Just returned from the Boat & RV show. What a wonderful experience! If you haven't attended a show make it a new year resolution to visit the Boat & RV show when it comes to a town near you. If you can see it, you can achieve it! And, visiting a show like this really helps to make the dream come alive.

This year I went with two close friends and brothers-in-Christ (to protect their identities I'm going to call them "King John" and "King Bernard"). They are both superstars in their own right and probably want to stay incognito (featuring them on my blog probably doesn't help). All of us are avid boaters and yacht enthusiasts and this show provides a great way to view and experience a myriad of boats and yachts in a short amount of time.

What's really nice about this show is that there is something for everyone. Now, they didn't have one of my favorites there as the rep told me that this show was too small to showcase this model. But, they did have this one that was very nice! And, I finally had the opportunity to check out several of the Cruiser Yacht models. I have to admit that there were two that I really liked and would seriously consider owning (it was a Cruiser Yacht that got me interested in owning my own boat). All I can say is that there is something "special" about sitting at the helm of one of these vessels - it is truly an experience beyond the sea!

2007 Boat Show
(This is the view of the showroom floor from the helm of a Cruiser Yacht. All I could see was an abundance of boats. And, I believe it is symbolic of God because with God all that lies before us is an abundance of opportunity - just like these boats).

A Star On The Rise
(This is King John doing one of his Hollywood Movie Star poses as he checks out a potential new boat. I think he looks pretty GQ in this image.)

Taking Command
(This is King Bernard at the helm. I just had to capture him as the sunlight from one of the sky lights was streaming down on him as he took control of this vessel. Hmmm, could that be a sign of things to come? I think so - he looks good as the captain at the helm!)

A Guy We Met In Line
(While waiting to board one of the bigger vessels at the show we meet this gentlemen [to protect his identity we'll refer to him as Jimmy Walker aka "JJ"]. Well, JJ asked if I would take his picture. And, as you can see he's hammin' it up for the camera)

Never forget that if you believe it you will achieve it! And, if you're into boats check out my baby - she's on her way!


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