Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inspiration Abounds

Have you ever wondered where artist find their inspiration? Well, you maybe surprised to learn that most art is the result of either the artist's life experiences, or simply a "creative comment" on the everyday things around them.

Case in point: During a recent outing I wanted to capture a black office building at sunset. Now, I know that sounds boring but this particular building was set against a perfectly clear blue sky. And, with the dark hues of the setting sun it was a creative opportunity I couldn't pass up. However, due to the location of the sun the shadows cast by the building were too dark.

But, a "small still voice" told me to walk around the building and to play with different angles. Well, I did and the result is a new fine art series of geometrical shapes titled "Dominos." And what's so ironic is that if I had been able to capture the original image I wanted, I would have never walked around the building and this new set of images would have never been created.

So, the next time you're trying to capture a scene that just isn't working as you planned listen to that "small still voice" and begin viewing your subject differently. Who knows the images you create could make you the next Ansel Adams. Be blessed and keep shooting!

(This entire series is the result of trying to capture this building at sunset)


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