Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meet Tobias...

Right before the winter sets in I had the opportunity to finally work on a project that was conceived back in the spring of this year. There is an exciting and "up and coming" motivational speaker/author who has burst on the scene with a passion to help people we haven't seen since Anthony Robbins. His name is Tobias Brown and he's traveling all over the country sharing the secrets of his academic "rags to riches" story with college students of all ages. With everything that is going on in his life he needed several new images for his press kit. But, he wanted photos that really showed his personality and youth (i.e. not boring). And, we had a blast shooting and really just having fun. I believe that the best images are those that are captured when you're simply having a ball.

Be on the look out for this guy, he's truly "blowing up" and if speaks in a town near you don't miss the opportunity to be inspired, encouraged and empowered by a very special and anointed motivator. Be blessed and keep dreaming - as Tobias' life proves dreams really do come true!

Old fashioned black and white with natural lighting

The Ultimate Motivator

I made him laugh in this image, don't know if the newspaper will like it but it's a good image as it captures his joyous spirit and personality

This one is called "Livin' Large" because if he can do it so can you! And, he wants to help you get there, that's cool!

Man on a Mission

Non-Traditional Newspaper Image 1

Non-Traditional Newspaper Image 2

Livin' Large No. 2


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