Sunday, October 01, 2006

Tennis Anyone?

Well, today I am away from my computer as I am competing in a local Tennis competition. It is really a "social mixer" but we run around like it's the US Open or something. This is the 2nd one this year with this group and it is always loads of fun. So, while I'm away I thought I'd share some of the images from our previous mixers and introduce you to a true "cast of characters." Have a blessed and empowered day and I look forward to sharing the praise report and a picture of the trophy after the competition.

Meet Marshall aka "The Man." He is a great tennis instructor and runs our local tennis mixers. Here, he's striking a pose for what he called the "funny looking guy with the camera."

Meet the defending champion - a really nice guy and a great guy to play with. But, I placed 2nd to him in singles the last time we met. So, today I think I'll hit him in the knee with my racquet before we start and then maybe I have a chance of beating him. I'm joking, just joking...well sort of...

Meet my neighbor - look at him posing for the camera like he's in GQ Magazine or something.

This is my "Hey Nike, you really need me on your team" image. Resembles a Madison Avenue magazine ad doesn't it? Ok, humor me a little...

This is another one of my neighbors who also is really a nice guy. I'm really blessed to live next to soo many wonderful people. Did I mention that he owns his own software company? Hmmm, maybe I better stay in touch with him - you know just in case he wants to play tennis or give a few millions away to a really great photographer. ;-)

This is one of Marshall's famous speeches before the competition begins. Here, he's telling us not to dive for any balls as we could break a bone and start bleeding. He wasn't concerned about us breaking bones, he didn't want us bleeding on his court because blood stains blur the lines. What a nice guy!

This is the Ebony Magazine Ebony Man Calendar pose.

This is Marshall on the cell phone and it is a permanent fixture attached to his head. He must be a rock star or something.


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