Sunday, October 22, 2006

2 shall become 1: 2006 Marriage Conference

Ah, the joys and pains of conference season. We are preparing for our next big conference in November at my day job and so I haven't been able to post more often. But, this year's business conference promises to be the best we've ever hosted so I am excited for all of the business leaders and entrepreneurs who's lives are going to dramatically change as a result of attending.

Recently I had the opportunity to serve as the VIP concierge during a conference for married couples. The theme was "An Evening in Paris" and the entire sanctuary was converted to a street scene in Paris complete with a mini Eiffel Tower. Although I was asked to cover the event as the event photographer, they kept me so busy as their concierge that I didn't have time for taking pictures. Here's a few images that I thought you would enjoy that I was able to capture during the few "down" moments during the conference.

One of the friendly representatives

Two beautiful women of God

Posing for GQ

What a beautiful smile

A strong man of God

There's a baby on the way!

Having a little fun

The setting

The appetizer

The dessert


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