Thursday, April 10, 2008

Broken Life

I will be away for a little while as my Aunt has passed. My family is very close so this has not been easy for us.

But, my Aunt lived a long life full of joy and freedom. And, because I am a believer I know she is in a better place. So, instead of dwelling on the pain associated with the loss of a loved one I choose to celebrate the memories and the life she led.

And, in a strange way this image represents both death and life to me. Despite the harsh break across its veins that will adversely effect the the top half of the leaf, the leaf is bigger than the break and the plant will live on being nourished by the power of sun. And for me the loss of a loved one is the same. Despite the harsh break that cuts across the veins in our hearts, we will be nourished by the power of The Son of God and will go on to blossom and mature.

I'm going to miss you and look forward to retuning in several days to continue to share life and encourage one another. Be blessed and I'll talk with you shortly.


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