Monday, March 17, 2008

Only in America

With all of the talk this past weekend about Barack Obama I thought it would be cool to take a "chill pill" and have a good laugh. So, let me ask you a question? Have you heard of the Obama girl?

Well, believe it or not this young lady is now a star. As you can tell from all of the recent ups and downs of this year's Presidential race, there's no telling what will happen during a presidential campaign. This young lady and the video producers have been featured on CNN, CNBC and ABC News' Nightline programs. All of this attention is from a short video they posted on YouTube.

As my little Godson and his friends would say, "I'm not mad at them" as they have used the Internet to make a name for themselves. And, the actress featured in this video was recently voted the sexiest woman on the 'Net. As Don King would say, "Only in America baby!"

WARNING: This video features women in little dress and may be offensive to some people. Please do not view if you find these images offensive. Are we cool?


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