Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Photography Class Rocks!

My photography class ROCKS! I have to say it again as I am so happy to be in this class. All, and I mean ALL of the photographers are so good that every time we get together their work challenges and inspires me. This is a special group of visual artists and I thank God for making this possible. I've been trying to get into this class for the past two years. But, given the high level of talent and expertise of my classmates I'm glad that it took so long to make this happen.

There's something special about being around people who are good at something you enjoy. You can challenge one another and help each other pull out new aspects of your gifting that you didn't know existed. And that's what my classmates do to me every week. What makes this experience even better is that not only are my classmates great photographers, but they are also great people.

May this testimony encourage you to invest in developing your God-given gifts. I am a living witness that not only will you get better at something you love to do, but you will make new friends who will inspire and encourage you long after the class is over. Be blessed and keep shooting!

During every class we share our assignment images with everyone for feedback and instruction. This particular class focuses on composition and lighting and how to make your images tell a compelling story regardless of the subject.

Just practicing my bounced flash technique as I LOVE natural looking light even if it is artificially created. By the way, these two dude's work is so good that they are operating on another level beyond mere humans. Yes, their images are that good!

In this image my classmates are posing for me so that I could get the bounced light "right."

Here, the famous Jim Summaria is teaching us an "old skool" lighting technique that allows us to balance natural light with artificial light to emulate a professional strobe. Shooting techniques like this are quickly fading so I am super grateful to Jim for sharing these tips with us.

I like the balanced lighting in this test image as it looks natural and diffused and yet, it isn't. Hmmm, inquiring minds want to know how did you do this? You'll have to take Jim's class to find out. :-)

Another test image that I liked.

The Master at work. Doesn't he look like Richard Gere?


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