Sunday, October 14, 2007


As I am writing this post I keep hearing the Luther Vandross song "Creepin'" playing in my head as that's what I did this morning. No, not like in the song - I got up super early to photograph the sunrise at the marina. After admiring the beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan during last week's Chicago Marathon, I just had to return while the weather was still warm to spend some quality time admiring and photographing God's handiwork.

Fortunately, it rained this morning and the streets were still wet enough to to give that lovely "gloss" effect to the pavement. Despite the early hours Chicago is a town that never sleeps. But, unlike New Yorkers Chicagoans do take a break every "now and then" and I found the solitude and glow of the street lights to be absolutely gorgeous. Chicago is truly a beautiful city during the day and at night. Here are a few images from my early morning adventures that I hope you enjoy. Be blessed and have a great week!

And, here's part of the reward for beating the Sun out of bed.


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