Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I didn't win but it was fun!

This is my entry in Jessica Claire's Shootsac website contest. She held an open contest to give away the new BluDomain website template called "Madison." The contest required that your image have three things: a pink Flamingo, something blue, and a Shootsac.

Since I was covering the Chicago Marathon it seemed like a great idea to have "Pinky" cross the finish line with his own news article. But, unfortunately "Pinky" and I didn't win. Even though I was a little dissappointed I have to admit that creating this image was a boat load of fun!

I want to publically thank Tasha Sykes of TS Designs, LLC., and Jerrold Daniels of the Daniels Design Group, for putting up with my myriad of Photoshop questions and helping me dig deep and use my creative gift in a new and exciting way. Checkout Jessica's Shootsac Blog to see the winning image and the runner-ups. Plus, don't forget to order a Shootsac while you're there!


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