Thursday, September 27, 2007

I LOVE Weddings!

While reviewing a few images from my last wedding I decided to "play" around with this particular image. At first I wanted to create a classic black and white image with really rich black tones. But, after applying a few textures this image came "alive." During the post processing I felt more like a sculptor who simply helps the rock become what it already is rather than an artist forming something out of nothing. And that creative energy is what makes photographing weddings so much fun.

Not only is it an honor to be invited into a couple's special day of celebration, but when I transform the images I've captured and help them truly come "alive" I experience a joy that is beyond description. The only thing more fun are the tears of joy from my clients when they see the final work. It's hard to describe unless you photograph weddings, but every wedding photographer knows what I mean. It is a blessing and I thank God for opening this wonderful door of opportunity to me. Have a great Friday and be blessed!


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