Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Heavens Were Dancing

Today we were under severe Thunderstorm warnings and this afternoon we enjoyed one of the most beautiful storm cloud formations I have ever seen. According to the news reports we had wind gust of up to 70 mph. I believe it as my camera was almost blown right out of my hands as I captured these images.

Unfortunately, these images don't do the storm justice as not only were these large masses of clouds moving quickly across the sky, but in each mass of clouds there were other clouds churning and moving about. It was truly beautiful and it was as if the Heavens were dancing.

I didn't shoot much of the ground as I was in an industrial area and there wasn't anything visually appealing to capture so you can't really appreciate the scale and size of these formations (the one with the airplane literally covered 2/3 of the sky). And as fast as these huge storm clouds appeared, they also disappeared just as fast. Believe it or not within 20 minutes the show was over. But, what a show it was!


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