Saturday, June 30, 2007

What makes a great child portrait great?

Happy Saturday! I am often asked why I love to photograph children and my answer is always the same - because they are so much fun. But, most photographers will tell you that photographing children is hard. I disagree.

As a photographer you have to understand that what makes children portraits so wonderful is the natural God-given beauty of being a child. And unfortunately too many photographers try to script their photo sessions with children.

Yes, it is true that you need to have your shots mapped out for the day. But, the whole purpose of photographing children is to capture all of their emotions as they happen - naturally. That's why shooting children in their homes or favorite playgrounds works so well. In those environments they are familiar with their surroundings and simply are themselves. Therefore, you have to be ready to just run around and follow them wherever their imaginations lead them.

So, what makes a great child portrait great? The answer is simple - a child. It may sound like a riddle, but it is really a "secret" that all parents understand and that's why they hire you - to forever capture their children at time when the world is just a playground. Have a blessed weekend and keep shooting!


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