Thursday, May 01, 2008


Yesterday was a great day! Why? Because our team had a surprise birthday party for our Director at the world-famous Wishbone restaurant. Believe it or not, as long as I've been in Chicago I've never eaten at Wishbones. So, for me this was a much-too-long-coming treat. And, I was not disappointed.

Wishbone is known for it's southern style/Cajun spiced "soul food." Now, I have to admit that having lived in Louisiana and accustomed to real Cajun cooking that I am very hard to please.

Was the food good? Absolutely! Was it like the spicy Cajun food in Louisiana? Not quite. But, to be fair even Wishbone refers to their food as "Southern Reconstruction Cooking" and not Cajun (I was told that it was Cajun cuisine so that's probably why it stuck with me).

I don't recall who shared this with me but I've been told that it is difficult to include the same level of Cajun spices in food outside of Louisiana as it is simply too hot for most people. However, that did not detract from my meal and with the addition of a few spices it was very good. And, I enjoyed our experience so much that I will return soon to sample their world-famous breakfast menu.

So, if you're ever in the Windy City and like soul food with a Southern twist then make it a point to check out Wishbone. Bon Appetite!

In addition to a nice meal you will also enjoy a cozy and contemporary environment. Throughout the restaurant were lots of really colorful and interesting pieces of art.

The lunch menu - life is good!

This is a glass of Wishbone's very own Strawberry Lemonade. And "yes" it was good!!!

This was my lunch/dinner - blackened catfish, collard greens with macaroni and cheese. For all of the Operation Transformation supporters pray for me as I did my best.


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