Sunday, December 02, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Now that the Thanksgiving Holidays have passed it's time to look forward to Christmas. I LOVE this time of year and Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays. There's so much to love that I can't mention it all but I love the snow, turkey, sweets, hot chocolate, family, friends, shopping and "spirit" of giving that permeates everything and everyone.

Recently, the town where I work held their annual "Christmas Walk" - a special time where the local vendors stay open late and everyone comes out to shop. There are horse-driven sleds, reindeer, roasted marsh mellows and the store owners have window displays featuring real people instead of mannequins.

This was my first time participating in this event and I have to admit that despite the freezing cold I had a blast (it was approx. 20F/-6C without the wind-chill factor). I couldn't capture everything as my hands were frostbitten so I hope these photographs make you feel like you were there as it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Be blessed and keep shooting!

One local vendor set up a petting zoo where the children could pet reindeer. Being a big kid myself you know I had to get my "pet" on.

Nothing special here but since LPs are almost extinct I thought it would be cool to share a real-life record store with those of us who still own and operate Turntables. What is a Turntable? Well, you see we use to take this thing called a record, which was a large piece of black plastic, and then we would put it on...never mind...

This is a new store that has opened recently and I don't quite "get" their Christmas window display. I mean I "get" it but I don't "get" it. Got it?

This is an intimate apparel store and for their "live" window display they featured two belly dancers - one naughty and one nice. I'm not going to touch that one...


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