Saturday, January 05, 2008

Winter in the Midwest

Happy New Year! It's good to be back in the "saddle" again. I've missed blogging and sharing with you all of the wonderful things God has been doing in my life and with my photography.

Well, winter is here in full force and it has been seriously cold lately. We recently endured a crazy snow/freezing ice storm. It was so cold that I had to pull out my film camera (Nikon F100) as it could withstand the snow/sleet/freezing rain and still function. My digital point and shoot camera began malfunctioning almost immediately once it was exposed to the elements (the first 3 images below were captured using my frozen Fuji point and shoot camera).

I've learned from past experiences that my digital SLR's batteries also get cold quickly in this kind of weather and my digital cameras begin malfunctioning (it was 14 degrees F/ -10 Celsius and with the windchill factor it felt like 2 degrees F/ -16.6 Celsius) But, I kept going despite frost-bitten hands and feet and tried to capture the essence and sheer beauty of winter.

I hope you enjoy these images as some of them have been added to my fine art print collection that will be released this year. And, for all of my friends and fellow photographers living on the west coast may these images be reminders of just how blessed you are.

I've got much to share with you as 2008 is a new year full of new beginnings. Be blessed and until we chat again stay warm and keep shooting!


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