Thursday, August 02, 2007

Another Photographer I Admire

Every once and awhile an artist comes along who's work is so strong that you can't help but want to emulate them. Over the past several years I've been following the work of one such artist. Her name is Leah and in my humble opinion she is one of the best children's portrait photographers in the nation.

I know those are strong words, especially given the extreme talent level of the photographers that I admire. But, there is truly something unique about Leah's approach to photographing children that simply sets her apart. If you've ever visited my gallery you've read my comments where I credit Leah for changing the way I photograph children.

When you view her galleries you will find yourself literally looking into a window that she has found a way to open that let's us see into (and in some cases reminisce about) the natural curiosity, joy, play, imagination, sense of wonder and "raw" emotions of being children discovering the world around them.

I could use every adjective in the Dictionary to describe her work. But, what really sets her apart is that she is so humble, giving and caring. She's probably tired of answering my myriad of questions. But, if she is she never shows it and is always encouraging and helpful. And that means that she's not just a special artist, but she's a very special person too. May I have the privilege of introducing you to the wonderful work of Ms. Leah Zawadzki.


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