Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The trials of nature photography

If you enjoy photographing the beautiful outdoors then you've encountered the inevitable obstacles associated with Mother Nature. I have to admit that I've been blessed as I haven't had to deal with any of these obstacles until last week.

While positioning myself to capture a landscape image for an infrared print, I inadvertently dropped my lens cap onto the bridge where I was standing. Despite the tiny openings between the planks of wood, my cap fell into what looked like a Louisiana swamp. Normally, I would have left it and purchased a new one. But, for some reason my cap floated on the water surface. And being the brave and rugged outdoors man that I am, I felt compelled to find a way to rescue it.

After several attempts to reach it with my hands and sticks I decided to "walk on the water" and grab it. Well, I didn't walk on the water like Peter but after bending a bunch of the tall grass and weeds into a make-shift bridge I was able to save my little buddy.

So, if you are one of the few intrepid souls interested in braving the hostile, dangerous, and treacherous environment of your local park, then prepare yourself mentally and physically to face the trials associated with nature photography. Have a blessed day!

After a little CPR my buddy is OK.

This is what I had to walk through to save my trusty lens cap. Ah, the things we do for love.

Look who was hiding in the tall grass waiting to greet me upon my return. While changing lenses to capture this little guy I dropped my rear lens cap on the wooden bridge where I was standing. And, despite the too-small-openings-for-a-huge-rear-element-lens-cap-to-fall-through, my cap fell into what could only be described as a black hole of dirty water. But, looking at this young white tail deer chillin' in the grass, this image is an added bonus that made it all worth while.

And now the reason I braved the elements and battled with Mother Nature - here's a few gems that were uncovered from spending some time in the great outdoors (Well, it was actually a local park but for a city fella like me it was like the Alaskan wilderness. OK, I'm joking - well, kinda ;-).


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