Saturday, June 10, 2006

Hangin' out with some truly remarkable young men!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to praise God in Spanish at Calvary Church in Naperville. They hosted a special concert and evening of praise featuring Salvador! Moody Broadcasting (WMBI) helped sponsor and promote the event.

Well, not only did we praise, worship, and dance before the Lord but we really had a great time. And, I just love Salvador's music. These guys are sooooo talented, anointed and gifted. They have a unique way of blending so many different music styles into their music that truly sets them apart.

But what ministered to me the most was not the music, but the humility of all of the performers.

(This is me "kicking" it with Salvador)

(This is me "kicking" it with Contagious)

A group called "Contagious" opened for Salvador and these guys were incredible! They also brought the house down with their unique style of contemporary Christian music. And, after performing all night, having to perform the very next day, and having not eaten anything that day, the band members took a picture with me around midnight. But not just me, they stayed and signed every autograph and took a picture with everyone that asked.

Both Contagious and Salvador really have a heart for people - despite obviously being tired they never showed it. They thanked everyone for coming, gave God praise for what He's doing in their lives, and even hugged everyone including me.

I have to tell you that I was convicted by their demeanor. I have been a television personality of sorts in my past and I've never seen any "personality" carry themselves with such dignity, love and humility as Contagious and Salvador did that evening. And, they set a new standard for me personally of how to truly reach out to people and put their needs and wants before your own. I learned a valuable life lesson from these young men and I am a better man and "Christian" because of it.

Thank you Contagious and Salvador for being who God created you to be, and for reminding me of what is truly important - ministering to the needs of people!

(Calvary church at night)

To learn more about Calvary Church and all of the wonderful things they are doing for the Kingdom, check out their website at


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