Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fine Art Printing with Adobe Lightroom

Happy Wednesday! Still working away at our conference but that hasn't stopped me from squeezing out some time for photography. And, I have to encourage you once more time to run out get Lightroom!

The more I play around with it the more I love it. And, I never would have imagined that the printing features could be so powerful and easy. For example, these fine art prints were literally created in 5 minutes using Lightroom and Scott Kelby's Lightroom presets. What makes this feature so much fun is that if you don't have Scott's presets, Lightroom has it's own that are very useful. Plus, you can create your own frames in Photoshop and import them into Lightroom as templates. I'm already creating new frame options for bridal portraits as part of my wedding workflow.

We'll talk more about Lightroom and your digital workflow in another post soon. But for now, be blessed and keep shooting!


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