Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Taking it to the next level!

I've just taken receipt of my NikonF100. It is virtually like new and I'm looking forward to shooting a roll of Kodak Portra with it. Now I'm the first to share with people that the camera doesn't matter - especially a film body. And, I was blessed to get this before the Nikon announcement that they are no longer making film bodies. Ever since I held one in my hands at my local camera store I was hooked! I had to have one, not that my N75 couldn't capture the same scene, but because the F100 edified me when I held it.

To me it is analogous to the advice I've received from a couple of professional musicians when I asked for their advice about purchasing a new keyboard. One is a guitarists/vocalist/song writer and the other is a keyboardist/producer/studio owner/former touring professional. They both told me to get an instrument that edified me - even if it meant spending more for it. If your instrument edifies you, you are more likely to want to play it again and again. That's what the Kurzweil keyboard did for me the moment I sat down and touched its keys. And I had the same experience when I held the Nikon F100 in my hands.

I look forward to sharing with you my photos using this body. And yes I know its the photographer and the lens, but I know that I love taking pictures with this photographic instrument. Now, I'll set my sights on the Nikon D200. Be blessed!


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